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Air conditioners are like people. They require regular checkups to ensure that all of their parts are working together smoothly. It’s important to get your air conditioner serviced at least twice a year by Bay Breeze Conditioning and Heating for five main reasons:

Save Money – Our customers’ favorite reason to get their air conditioner tuned up by Bay Breeze Air Conditioning and Heating is to save money on their electric bill. Over time, your air conditioner gets dirty. The filter becomes caked with dust which makes the AC unit strain to bring air in. Then, once through the filter, it takes longer to cool. All that time spent cooling dust rather than air is money down the drain. Regular maintenance, including thoroughly cleaning the air handler, checking Freon levels, and changing filters, keeps the airways to your air cooling system open.

Stay Healthy – Buildups of dust and mold spores in your air conditioner lead to poor indoor air quality. That can mean allergies or even asthma for you, your children, your pets, even guests in your home for just a short while. Bay Breeze Air Conditioning and Heating will not only clean out the visible gunk from the system, but we can also eradicate mold using ultraviolet lights. If you are experiencing poorer health due to bad air quality, ask your Certified technician about indoor air quality Clearwater FL improvement options.


Extend the Life of Your AC Unit – You air conditioner straining to get power or air due to improper maintenance is like you trying to breathe through a straw. While it is possible that the AC is still running, it may not be getting all that it needs to be efficient. During your maintenance visit, Bay Breeze Air Conditioning and Heating will identify any power consumption problems that your air conditioner may have and ensure that the maximum air flow is getting into the handler.

Cooler Air – If your AC just doesn’t seem to be getting to the temperature you would prefer, it may be due to a number of reasons. Your technician will check the airflow over your coils, thermostat for proper calibration, the condenser for Freon levels, and all parts of the air conditioning system for proper function so that you stay cool all Summer long.

Decrease Humidity – Your AC system is responsible for pulling excess moisture out of the air. When your air conditioner is not performing at its best, your whole house can get damp. This can cause dry goods to spoil, mildew to appear on the walls, ceilings, or even on your clothes, and mold to spread throughout your house. Here in Florida, where the humidity during summer is often at or near 100%, the risk of dangerous mold invading your house is very high. To prevent this, maintenance from Bay Breeze Air Conditioning and Heating includes draining the pan below your condensers and clearing all lines to allow excess water pulled from the air to drain out.


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