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Best Indoor Air Quality Services In Tampa FL

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants. Understanding and controlling common pollutants indoors can help reduce your risk of indoor health concerns. Health effects from indoor air pollutants may be experienced soon after exposure or, possibly, years later!

Immediate Effects – Some health effects may show up shortly after a single exposure or repeated exposures to a pollutant. These include irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Such immediate effects are usually short-term and treatable. Sometimes the treatment is simply eliminating the person’s exposure to the source of the pollution, if it can be identified. Soon after exposure to some indoor air pollutants, symptoms of some diseases such as asthma may show up, be aggravated or worsened.

The likelihood of immediate reactions to indoor air pollutants depends on several factors including age and preexisting medical conditions. In some cases, whether a person reacts to a pollutant depends on individual sensitivity, which varies tremendously from person to person. Some people can become sensitized to biological or chemical pollutants after repeated or high level exposures.

Certain immediate effects are similar to those from colds or other viral diseases, so it is often difficult to determine if the symptoms are a result of exposure to indoor air pollution. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the time and place symptoms occur. If the symptoms fade or go away when a person is away from the area, for example, an effort should be made to identify indoor air sources that may be possible causes. Some effects may be made worse by an inadequate supply of outdoor air coming indoors or from the heating, cooling or humidity conditions prevalent indoors.
Source EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency)

We’re here to Help! Bay Breeze Air Conditioning and Heating Is here to help with indoor air quality testing in St. Petersburg! Our knowledgeable Technicians will be able to diagnose and offer solutions to many of the in home air quality problems you may have. from UV light systems to eliminate various biological problems in your ducts and Air-handler/Furnace to filtration systems to remove allergens and other irritants from your air. The Following are some of the solutions we have to offer!

Ultraviolet light system – These systems have been used in hospitals and schools for many years to combat and neutralize airborne bacteria and viruses. the UVC light it produces renders both the bacteria and viruses unable to reproduce in your home.  Call our residential indoor air quality testing companies in St. Petersburg FL today to have one of our Air Quality Experts evaluate your system! 

Air Filters and Purifiers – Air filtration and purification systems are designed to remove airborne contaminants from the home’s air supply. They use a variety of methods to do this, from simple mesh filters to the ionization of pollutants. Ask the professionals at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning about which air quality system is best for your home.

Dehumidifiers – dehumidifiers are used to keep your home’s humidity levels in check, either by removing moisture from the air. If your air is chronically moist, it’s a good idea to look into installing a dehumidifier.

Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators – These systems allow fresh air to flow into your home, without compromising climate control. This helps to prevent the buildup of airborne contaminants, among other benefits.


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