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Furnace Repair Near Me

While Florida may not be known for severe winter climates, Clearwater residents certainly count on their heating units once the seasonal chill arrives. But when your home’s heat no longer puts you in comfort, where can you turn for fast, dependable heating repair service? Fortunately, Clearwater homeowners can rely on us at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating for expert heating repairs when they need them the most.

Here at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating, our team has the skills and expertise required to diagnose and repair any brand, make, or model heating unit. Our team has everything it takes to restore your home’s heat efficiently and quickly, so you can go ahead with your regular routine!

Our team at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating is very much familiar with all heating unit makes and models available in the market. We conduct expert services for:

  • Boiler repairs
  • Heat pump repairs
  • Furnace repairs
  • Gas-fueled system repairs
  • Oil-fueled system repairs
  • Propane-fueled system repairs and more!

In addition to providing dependable heating repair service, we also offer our Clearwater clients our:

Expert technician guarantee: Each of our workers is fully certified, trained, licensed, and insured. Plus, we perform extensive drug testing and background checks during the hiring process to guarantee we only hire top HVAC professionals.

Total comfort guarantee: We guarantee that the systems we implement in your home will last for a full five years.

When it comes to your home’s heating and ‘furnace repair near me’, don’t settle for the second-best. Choose our team at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating for efficient and fast repair services you can trust. Please call us today!

How Much is the Price to Repair a Furnace?

Are you wondering how much is the price to repair a furnace? If you live in Clearwater, FL, and nearby areas, call us up at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating so our experts can guide you and answer all your furnace-related queries. We have years of experience rendering furnace services for residents in the area.

When you choose us at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating for your furnace repair, we begin the process with a quick but thorough diagnosis of the system. Our trained and licensed technicians will then discuss what’s wrong with the system and your repair cost. We always provide clients with a no-nonsense, upfront quote to decide whether or not they want to move onward with the repair.

The furnace repair price in Clearwater varies according to the repair required.

We know that’s a wide range of furnace repair pricing. Remember, though, it’s almost impossible to predict what you’ll pay for your furnace repair until a professional actually diagnoses the problem.

To help you get ready for your furnace repair, we’ll explain some factors that affect the cost, including:

  • The type of repair you’ll need
  • The age of the system
  • Whether the warranty is valid
  • The company you hire

When you hire us, you can rest assured that you are getting reliable and efficient services at cost-effective prices. Please call us today! Learn more about Emergency AC Repair.

Clearwater Furnace Repair

You might not always remember to check on your furnace until it starts showing signs of malfunction. We at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating can provide you dependable Clearwater furnace repair when you need it. Our highly skilled HVAC repairpersons can diagnose and fix any problem, and they arrive at your residence with a fully stocked truck to guarantee that they can perform the job immediately.

As your trusted source for expert heating repair solutions, Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating offers the following:

Heat Repair Expertise: Our technicians possess years of experience but they are always willing and ready to learn. They attend regular trainings to keep themselves updated on the most recent innovations and keep their skills sharp.

Capability to Work on Any Furnace Brand: We only use top-rated products, but we can service, repair, and maintain heating systems of any brand, make, or model.

Cost-effective Prices: Our fair prices are proof that you don’t have to overpay for exceptional quality.

Fast Response Times: Our customers are our priority, so we do all we can to respond quickly when your call for HVAC repair comes in.

Heating Maintenance Plans: Prevent unexpected repairs with a heating maintenance plan that includes annual inspections and tune-ups, discounts on repairs, and more.

When you need a repair or replacement for your HVAC system, choose the award-winning heating services from us at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating. We go the extra mile on every call to deliver an exceptional experience and ensure that the job gets done right. Call us today!

How Long Should a Furnace Last?

Are you googling, “How long should a furnace last?” Well, there’s no fixed answer. It isn’t easy to provide you with an exact amount of time because multiple factors are involved. While we can’t tell you precisely how long a furnace should last, we can absolutely provide you with some info on average furnace lifespan, factors that influence furnace life expectancy, furnace replacement signs, and some ways you can hold the inevitable.

Factors That Affect Furnace Life Expectancy

Several factors affect furnace lifespan: Improper furnace sizing: An incorrectly sized furnace installed within a heating and air conditioning system can influence your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Additionally, it potentially decreases furnace age.

Shoddy installation: How long does a furnace normally last? It depends on how it is installed. Poorly sized, designed, and sealed ductwork can restrict airflow, creating problems with furnace reliability and performance. Inaccurately installed fuel lines and venting can also influence performance and reduce furnace lifespan.

Lack of regular maintenance: Regular maintenance can further extend performance and increase how long furnaces last. It’s advised to hire a certified home heating technician like us at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating for regular cleaning and checkup. We can perform minor repairs to improve performance and avoid larger issues down the road.

Extreme thermostat settings: Setting your thermostat too low or high can damage components that may either shorten the furnace’s life or lead to an inconvenient or costly service call. It is advised to set the thermostat within 60⁰ and 80⁰ Fahrenheit.

Are you looking to extend the life of your furnace? Please call us today!

Furnace Repair Clearwater

For trusted, 24/7 furnace repair in Clearwater, FL, contact us at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating. We will assign a technician to your home as quickly as possible to get your heater working again. Your heating system can stop running for many reasons. When it does, call us immediately.

When your heater or furnace breaks down, you want a service provider you can depend on. That’s why you should count on us at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating for all your heating repair needs. We also have yearly tune-ups and maintenance schedules to help your heating system running all season smoothly long. Routine maintenance also ensures that your system is running at optimal efficiency levels.

The sooner you call, the sooner we can settle the issue and prevent more damage to the system. After our certified HVAC technicians fix the problem, they will test the system and inspect it for other hidden warning indications. Contact Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating for some of the most comprehensive heating repairs in Clearwater, Florida, and nearby areas.

How Do You Troubleshoot a Furnace Problem?

Winters in Florida are generally short-lived and relatively mild, unlike some of the northern states of America. Most cities in Florida get around 8 hours of sunshine on normal. However, it can get really chilly in the Sunshine State from November to January. The fall in the temperature prompts the residents to turn on the heating to feel comfy in their home.

Because the heating system does not need to run more than a few months each year, many homeowners in Florida use electric furnaces. They usually neglect proper maintenance of their heating units the entire year until they want it again. This results in some issues in the units, which prevent them from working efficiently during the winter.

Here are a few common heating problems faced by the residents of Florida.

Lack of heat

A widespread problem when turning on the heating unit after a long period is the vents giving our cool air. There are many reasons for that. With electrical heating, it could tell that the heating element has ceased to function. Without proper storage and maintenance, the elements that transport heat during airflow wear out. Even one faulty element can influence the temperature of the air.

In the case of a central furnace, it might be that the gas valve hasn’t been turned on properly or the unit has run out of gas. The wrong setting of the thermostat could likewise cause the unit to blow cold air rather than hot.

Clogged filter

There are times that the air filters can get dirty and clogged because of restricted airflow. Dirty filters make it harder for the unit to circulate air and stave off from maintaining the perfect indoor temperature.

Homes with pets, smokers, or excess use of aerosols are more apt to end up with clogged filters. The best way to resolve this problem and extend your heating unit’s life is to replace the air filter monthly and get it repaired when you turn it on for the first time after a long time.

Leaks and Mold

A build-up of moisture during rainy days can cause the growth of mold in the ducts. It can also create horrible smells and health issues for homeowners. The best solution is to hire professional HVAC experts like us at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating to service your unit regularly.

We at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating have been giving expert HVAC maintenance services for years. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service through highly-skilled and qualified technicians. Please call us today!

How much does it cost to replace an old furnace?

Want to know what the average life expectancy of a gas furnace is? There are mixed beliefs about furnace life expectancy. Although some furnaces can survive more than 40 years (extremely rare), a furnace’s average life is between 15 to 30 years. As long as you have planned a schedule for annual furnace maintenance, it should easily last over 15 years.

Like your car, your older furnace may require some basic repairs. But, other people prefer buying a new model even before a minor repair is required if the furnace is out of warranty. Others are ready to make numerous repairs before letting go of the old furnace. Almost time to buy a new furnace? Revamping your home heating system can be a big investment.

If you’re curious about how much it might cost to replace that dusty old furnace, this will help break down the expenses.

The fee of replacing a furnace can vary banking on several factors.

Some factors that come into consideration are:

  • Size of the home. The size of your home will decide the size of the equipment.
  • Number of people or pets inside the home.
  • How many levels or stories are in the home.
  • Window directions.
  • Where the furnace will be installed.
  • Type of furnace.

Unsure if your furnace needs to be replaced or needs a repair? Call us at Bay Breeze Air Conditioning & Heating. We’ll help you understand your furnace’s current efficiency and give you an affordable model should it need replacement.


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